Empire Drive-In

Empire Drive-In

It’s been almost a month since Empire Drive-In opened for four short days at the 01SJ BIennial. It was an incredibly magical space that exceeded all of our expectations. After preparing for months and working for weeks it was amazing to see the theater filled with people in the cars, on top of the cars (making out in the back seats of cars!) and lounging in lawn chairs taking in the films and performances. The Flood Tide: Remixed screenings were great with a packed house and fantastic live musical score by Dark Dark Dark Dark.

Tod Seelie took some amazing photos…

It took three weeks (and months of planning) to create Empire Drive-In. And after the 4-day long Biennial, we had only 24-hours to take the whole thing down. With the help of many hands we were able to do it. Special thanks to Cyclecide for taking a massive donation of salvaged wood and other materials. The screen presented the biggest problem. At 32 feet high we would have had to use a scissor lift and slowly dismantle it section by section, lowering each piece to the ground. Instead we took a little gamble and brought it down like this:

There was some good press about Empire Drive-In and Flood Tide: Remixed. Check the articles via the links below:

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Empire Drive-In was conceived of and created by Jeff Stark and Todd Chandler with the help of a staggeringly talented group of collaborators including Robin Frohardt, Brett James, Ian Page, George Graham, Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, Tod Seelie, John Law, Mary Beth Burton and many others. The project was made with the support of the 01SJ curatorial and production staff including Steve Dietz, Jaime Austin, Bruce Labadie, G. Craig Hobbes and others.